We are a Supplier of Premium Raw Pet Food

High Quality Food · Dependability · Reliability · Convenience · Service


We are a convenience supplier of Raw Pet Food amongst other items. Our storage facility is located centrally in Jackson, Michigan. We operate a 10 X 12 walk in Freezer that is large enough to store food for our dogs and maintain a constant supply for our customers.

We started this business based on the lack of reliability of some local suppliers that I have dealt with over the past four years. Feeding my five GSD’s and one Swedish Vallhund raw, I was constantly working with one supplier and then being forced to switch due to suppliers, going out of business, raising pricing unreasonably and lack of service. This accompanied by the high cost of shipping or trying to meet deliveries during the work day forced me to find a solid supplier. Discovering shortly that the cost of storing large amounts of Raw Food had it pitfalls, we decided that we could store more and start a business that would offer what no local supplier could: High Quality Food, Dependability, Reliability, Convenience, Service and strive to maintain the lowest reasonable prices. We are not anticipating getting rich, but more so hope to cover cost and maintain a constant supply of Quality Raw Food for our “Furry Kids” and yours!

We are very excited about offering Blue Ridge Beef as our main supply item. It is outstanding food at fantastic prices! Please, check out the pricing and variety of products. I assure you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Also, let your “Furry Kids” try it, they’ll just love It!

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All orders, each month, are due to me by the Sunday following the FIRST Monday of the month. All orders must be placed online!

Ordering Notes

We have a $5.00 service charge on all orders.
Any order that is “Broken Cases”, a “mix of products from different cases”, will be assessed and additional $5.00. This is charged regardless if the total number of chubs equals a case. It is the time it takes to separate the product that is the issue and increased cost.
When ordering a case of 2# Chubs (15 Chubs in a 30# Case)
When ordering a case of 5# Chubs (6 Chubs in a 30# Case)
When ordering a case of any bones (6-5# Bags in a Case)
Sojo can be ordered individually.

Broken Case Charge will be added on separate invoice and e-mailed***** Please Keep order in full cases if possible! This will save us both money! Thank you!